Electronic indicators

With our new development you will be able to move to a qualitatively new level of control of steam and air sterilization by means of reusable electronic indicators for validation and control of sterilisation process.
- Electronic Indicator - STEAM is intended for controlling 40 modes of steam sterilisation;
- Electronic Indicator – AIR – for controlling 5 modes of air sterilisation

Two-touch control

Never before has the use of a new device been so simple and easy. To make it work:

  • Connect the logger of the indicator to the adaptor and choose the necessary sterilisation mode;
  • Place the logger inside the sterilisation camera;
  • After the sterilisation cycle reconnect
    the logger of the indicator and see
    the result
    (a green LED or a red one
    lights up).

The whole sterilisation cycle is clearly visible

In addition to the automatic quick control of sterilisation you get an exhaustive amount of information about each stage of sterilisation cycle which can help you identify any problem. The electronic indicator registers information about the temperature and pressure every 10 seconds and then shows the data about each cycle in the form of a graph and a table.


Almost all operations carried out under control of electronic indicators are automated, thus any negative influence of human factor on reliability of the results is excluded. The software includes the Electronic Journal of control of sterilisation, on the basis of the form 257/у. All the records in the Journal are protected from any changes and are accurately saved during several years.

Electronic indicator “SADE” – tool for confidence

Electronic indicators “САДЕ”(SADE) are actively gaining the trust of users, as they show not only the result of control but also a huge amount of objective data about the sterilisation cycle.

On the one hand, electronic indicators automatically analyze the received data, giving a quick result of control and thus saving your time.

On the other hand, if necessary you will be able to analyze more thoroughly how the cycle proceeded and detect any deviations.

Thus, the sphere of use of electronic indicators is quite wide – from usual everyday control of sterilisation to conducting certification of equipment and validation of sterilisation processes in accordance with the requirements of the State Standards GOST R ISO 13683-200, GOST R ISO 14937-2012.